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We are planning the next retreat at this time. Please check back soon for more details. Click events for details.

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Our wonderful supporters continue to help make this community one of the most loving places for an American Soldier to visit.

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Donate online or mail to P.O. BOX 19555 Panama City Beach, Florida 32417. All donations are tax deductible.

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About Warrior Beach Retreat

There are so many heroes in this great nation and so many families we can encourage. Our vision is to bring wounded warriors and their spouse or caregiver to Panama City Beach for a week of rest and relaxation. This retreat will be a time that can give them hope to carry on … a feeling that their sacrifice was not in vain… and a knowing that we as a nation are truly grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Our community has donated condos/ hotel rooms, restaurant meals, gift baskets, fishing trips, movies, tours, attraction tickets, car rentals, money and much more to show honor and appreciation for the sacrifices these soldiers have made… for us.

Click LISTEN to hear our newest radio spot for our upcoming retreat.

Our next retreat is September 12, 2015 thru September 19, 2015.

 Lodging will be at Ocean Villa Condos located in Panama City Beach,Fl

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Bob Williamson

Renowned businessman and serial entrepreneur Bob Williamson has achieved national acclaim for his business acumen and philanthropic efforts. All told Williamson has founded 19 successful businesses. His largest business accomplishment to date was the establishment of one of the most successful food service technology companies in the United States, Horizon Software International; a company that he sold in 2008 for $75 million that revolutionized the institutionalized food service market with its innovative software. His last business venture was the development of $40 million Honey Lake Resort and Spa that was built on his sprawling 4800 acre quail hunting Plantation near Tallahassee Florida in 2010.

He has achieved national acclaim for his business acumen and was selected from among hundreds of contestants as the Gwinnett Business Person of the Year by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, (the third largest chamber in the country). He was also a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which was previously won by distinguished entrepreneur Michael Dell of Dell Computers. His companies were recognized by INC. magazine as being among the most successful in the nation. He has been featured in AOL, Florida Trend, Inc. Magazine, Business Week, MSN, Yahoo Business, Investor’s Business Daily, The Christian Post, Reader’s Digest, various newspaper articles and many other publications, plus he’s done over 1000 radio and television interviews.

What makes Williamson’s accomplishments all the more inspiring is to understand the tremendous personal challenges that he overcame in his early life which he details in his autobiography, Miracle on Luckie Street. His childhood was dark and by the time he was fourteen he was an alcoholic; he attended 19 different schools in about as many states; he graduated to intravenous meth and heroin use and became a hard core addict; he was extremely violent and became a dangerous criminal; he was kicked out of the military as a diagnosed sociopath; he spent time in Parrish Prison in New Orleans, he went through a nasty divorce; his family had given up on him; he was homeless, penniless, was a loner that didn’t have a single friend, and practiced witchcraft and black magic, preferring Satan over God.

His grandfather, two of his uncles, and his only brother all committed suicide and at the age of 24 he’d reached the point where he felt that suicide was his only viable option and he was ready and willing to pull the trigger, but then a horrific car accident and a chance encounter with a merciful nurse helped change his life. During his long recovery he read the Bible in an effort to disprove it, but instead found faith in God and along with it personal redemption and hope through Jesus Christ.

He immediately stopped taking drugs and alcohol without going through rehab or joining any organization like AA or NA, he quit fighting, and even quit smoking cigarettes. He got married to someone just the opposite of him and he and his wife just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. He’s been blessed with three sons that are married to Godly women who love Jesus and they have blessed him with 7 grandchildren. All his sons are college-educated, and highly successful.

Today Bob Williamson has surrendered everything to his Lord and is completely drug and alcohol free, he is no longer a slave to the “flash and the cash”, the pride of life, and the lust for unadulterated power and what the world has to offer. He started at rock bottom but rose to success through his faith in Jesus Christ and Bob gives Him all of the credit for any success he has enjoyed.

He has spent nearly all of his free time over the last several decades sharing his inspirational true life story in an effort to provide hope to anyone who might happen to need it. http://youtu.be/zTYoxSLap7Y He writes a devotional five days per week entitled: Words for the Day and has been doing so for over 16 years. He is heavily involved with prison ministry and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Bill Glass Prison Ministry and is a platform speaker at many prison events each year. He founded and attends Honey Lake Church and Worldwide Ministries.

In 2012 God began revealing Himself to Bob with a series of revelations, visions, and dreams, combined with prophetic revelations of several Spirit filled people. It all pointed towards a calling from God to lead an effort to unite the church, (body of believers) and work towards global revival, preaching the Gospel, and discipling every nation. Once he received God’s call he immediately founded The Jesus Alliance, http://thejesusalliance.org/ and has worked relentlessly on it ever since.


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1. Start @ Ocean Villa Condos – 10625 Front Beach Road PCB 32407- Departs @ 4::00 PM
2. Travel east on Front Beach Road to Thomas Drive
3. Turn right @ Ripley’s onto Thomas Drive
4. Follow Thomas Drive all the way around to Hwy 30A ( Service Road) @ overpass
5. Turn right onto Hwy 30A
6. Travel across Hathaway Bridge
7. Turn left onto 23rd Street
8. Travel to Hwy 77
9. Turn Left onto Hwy 77
10. Travel to Hwy 390
11. Turn right onto Hwy 390
12. Travel to Hwy 389
13. Turn right onto Hwy 389
14. Travel to Baldwin Ave
15. Turn right onto Baldwin Ave
16. Travel to Sarasota Ave
17. Turn left onto Sarasota Ave
18. End at Hiland Park Baptist Church – 2611 US Hwy 231 Panama City 32405


MOTORCYCLES – If you would like to ride in the Wounded Warrior Salute Parade Route Escort

please join us on Thursday, Sept 17th @ Ocean Villa Condos, 10625 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, FL. Arrive between 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM – Parade starts @ 4:00 PM sharp.

PARKING – You can park on the top deck parking garage directly across the street from the Condo.

When this top deck becomes full – please park in the City of Panama City Beach Churchwell Parking Lot located just behind the Ocean Villa Condo Parking Garage. Officers with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office will be there to inform you on parade route details.


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