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Our next major retreat will be held May 15 – 22, 2017.

The SHERATON BAY POINT RESORT, 4114 Jan Cooley Drive, Panama City Beach, FL will host our combat wounded warriors and spouses. Please visit their website www.sheratonbaypoint.com.

The opening ceremony will be held @ the HELEN BLACKBURN  ARNOLD AUDITORIUM – J.R. Arnold High School,

550 Alf Coleman Road, Panama City Beach, FL.  32407 on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 @ 7:00 PM.



Senior Chief Petty Officer, Navy Seal

Todd Peters was born in Texas and raised in Missouri. Both of his grandfathers instilled the love of the outdoors in him as he followed them in their daily lives. After graduating from high school, Todd pursued a degree in ministry and began working with junior high and senior high students. He was blessed to meet his wife, Nancy, when they were both teenagers during their freshman year of college.

Not long after working with students, current events took Todd into the United States Navy, where he served as a Navy SEAL for 26 years. He served on both coasts, conducted multiple deployments and spent the last seven years of his career winding down with thirteen pushes to OEF, OIF and lovely East Africa. Naturally, to find something as rewarding and dangerous as a Navy SEAL, Todd came back full-circle to serve local teens as the director of student ministry at Mclean Bible Church in Northern Virginia. His first day on the job was a lock-in with 1,000 screaming teens on New Year’s Eve, 2012.

Todd and Nancy are blessed to have three grown children. Their son serves as a PJ in the United States Air Force and both their daughters work with special needs children at the same church as their father. Today, Todd continues to serve as the campus pastor of Prince William, Mclean Bible Church.

Click on here to view Parade Route Map Overview

The parade route will start @ 4:00 PM located at the SHERATON BAY POINT RESORT, 4114 Jan Cooley Drive, Panama City Beach and end @ the HELEN BLACKBURN ARNOLD AUDITORIUM – J.R. Arnold High School, 550 Alf Coleman Road, Panama City Beach on Thursday, May 18th, 2017.

MOTORCYLES – everyone who wishes to ride their motorcycle in the parade escort is welcome. Please come to the Sheraton Bay Point Hotel and follow the signs that say “MOTORCYCLES” for staging. Please arrive between 3:00 – 3:45 PM. Will depart @ 4:00 PM and arrive at approximately 4:51 PM @ Arnold High School. All motorcycles and vehicles in the parade escort will park in the parking lot behind the Convention Center @ the Sheraton Bay Point Resort. Look for signs that say “Motorcyles”, “Honorary Vets” (in cars only), “Wounded Warriors”, “Chaplains”, “Staff” & “Supporters” to find your appropriate place to park. James Leirer -Parade Route Coordinator – will be in the parking lot to answer any questions and to direct traffic.

NEW THIS RETREAT – PARADE ROUTE: This route will take us across the Hathaway Bridge eastbound down to Beck Ave then to 23rd Street and back across the Hathaway Bridge westbound to Panama City Beach Parkway up to Alf Coleman Road then to Arnold High School. We need people with flags on both sides of the bridge.

CLICK the LINK BELOW FOR PARADE ROUTE MAP  TIMES  & LOCATIONSIn bottom right corner of map you can enlarge map by clicking +

Click the numbers on the map to view times & locations of the parade route.

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Next Retreat - April 21, 2018!