Participate in an upcoming Warrior Beach Retreat

Are you interested in being one of the honored participants for a future Warrior Beach Retreat?


Application Process

1 Review requirements for eligibility
2 Download, complete and email us your forms
3 Get feedback from us


Requirements for Participating in a Retreat

1. All participants must be a combat wounded warrior from the Iraq/Afghanistan war

– Warriors from all branches of the military are eligible
– Name of AW2 advocate or military representative required

2. No smoking in any hotel room or any transport vehicle at the Retreat
3. Commit to attend all scheduled activities



Download WBR Application Package


More about the Retreats

fish1Retreats are held in Panama City Beach, FL, twice a year, one in mid-April and one in mid-September

Warriors are allowed to bring one guest with them

No children allowed

Warriors are put on a list and will be contacted four months prior to the date of Retreat they are scheduled to attend


Warrior Beach Retreat is not affiliated with Wounded Warrior Project.

Next Retreat - April 21, 2018!