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Linda Cope has been married to Philip Cope for 34 years. Philip and Linda met at Troy University in Troy, AL. They have one daughter, three sons and three grandchildren. They currently reside in Panama City Beach, FL.

Their oldest son, Sgt. Joshua Cope lost both of legs above the knees and sustained wounds to both his hands in an IED blast on November 12, 2006. He and his wife, Erica and their three children have stood strong during the trials of Joshua’s recovery. It has been challenging to their marriage and family until Dr. Ed Zant administered 80 hyperbaric treatments to treat Joshua’s undiagnosed brain injury this past year. The change has been miraculous.

In 2009 Linda and her husband, Philip began a 501c3 Non-Profit organization called Warrior Beach Retreat, Inc. This organization provides an all expense paid 5 day retreat for combat wounded soldiers and their spouses or caregivers from the Iraq/Afghanistan war. Over 300 soldiers and their
families have come to Panama City Beach, FL for a time of healing and hope. The focus is not only on the soldiers, but also for the caregivers. The caregivers are so often the forgotten heroes of this war.

No one understands the trauma of war more than the spouses and family members of our soldiers. The mood swings, the anger, nightmares, rejection and confusion is all taken out on family. It is so hard, a silent pain no one else sees or feels, but only those closest to the soldier.

The soldier has changed, they are not the same loved one who went to war. Unspoken prayers, tears and heartaches to a world who does not understand what they face each day. They feel isolated and alone. Some caregivers choose to leave, it is more than they can bear.

Our retreats strengthen these individuals giving them hope and encouragement. They are able to network with each other, 25 couples finally not alone, surrounded by the support of the local community. They continue with friendships made through emails, facebook, phone calls and personal visits.

So many marriages are on the brink of divorce before coming to theses retreats. They choose to carry on once they experience the support from others. But still almost every soldier would benefit from HBOT that has attended our retreats. The support is excellent but to heal the brain is the ultimate solution. Our nation owes it to them for the sacrifices they have made to keep this nation free.

People who knew my son prior to his hyperbaric treatments could not believe the change they saw in him. He is now sharp, alert and focused. He finally “took ownership” of Warrior Beach Retreat, Inc by, greeting and counseling soldiers and serving any way he could. “ I was blind, but now I see “, it is
that miraculous a change. Ask his wife. They have a new baby who is 1 month old. Their family has a daddy who is whole and can feel again. It is truly a miracle.

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