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Warrior Beach Retreat Newsletter 3-12-2018

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Newsletter 2018

Dear Supporters,

We want to give you an update on the 2017 & upcoming 2018 Warrior Beach Retreat events.

The last two retreats were a huge success! The one in the spring was hosted by the Sheraton Bay Point Resort and the one in the fall was hosted at the Hampton Inn & Suites – Front Beach, Panama City Beach. The lives of many combat wounded warriors and their spouses were encouraged and given hope to keep their marriages strong and carry-on.

We also hosted two small retreats, one at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort, Miramar Beach. FL. and the other one at the Rosemary Beach Inn, Rosemary Beach, FL. The couples who attended these retreats enjoyed spending quality time with each other and other couples that were sharing similar life experiences.

None of these retreats would be possible without your continued help and support. Our next retreat will be April 21-28 at the Sunrise Beach Condominiums in Panama City Beach, Florida. We have couples from coming from all across the country even one from Puerto Rico! The Fall Retreat will be in September at the Sheraton Bay Point Resort.

I am grateful to say the Hilton Hotel in Saint Augustine has graciously agreed to host one of our three mini retreats planned for this year. Enclosed are testimonies from some of couples & volunteers who have attended these retreats for you to read about the impact these retreats have made in their lives.

If you wish to give a donation, please mail to Warrior Beach Retreat, Inc. to PO Box 19555, Panama City Beach, FL 32417 or by credit card go online @ warriorbeachretreat.org – click Donate Now under PayPal. All donations are tax deductible. Click Fundraiser on the Home Page to participate in the Golf fundraiser to be held on Saturday, April 14th.


Linda Cope

Linda Cope

Founder & President

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Letter From A Warrior

To Whom It May Concern

The Warrior Beach Retreat goes above and beyond in every aspect of caring for warriors, their

spouses and their families. The Warrior Beach Retreat proves to be an instrumental part in

helping wounded warriors and their families learn to adapt to their new lives within the family and communities.

At the retreat they do everything in their power to educate you on how to get help in financial, employment, education and to make sure that you have all the knowledge to make sure you have all the resources and knowledge to make sure the Veteran, and caregiver, and family is 100% taking care of.

This amazing organization started because the founders, Philip and Linda Cope, whose son, Army SGT Joshua Cope, lost both of his legs above the knee and sustained injury to his right hand in Baghdad, Iraq, saw first-hand the trials their son went through and how hard it was on his wife.

Warrior Beach Retreat helps combat wounded warriors bond with their families upon their return. They prove instrumental in their techniques of encompassing the Christian family values that most Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. Their morals, values and ethics are above reproach. Warrior Beach Retreat helped me personally to help get back on my feet and learn that life was worth living in-spite of the tremendously immense injuries I have sustained throughout my military career and during the Global War on Terrorism.

When you accumulate a plethora of injuries in combat you are generally held back from your

unit and supporting soldiers for medical treatments. This means that when you finally arrive

home; the parades are finished; the newspaper articles have been written and the new has

already reported on the demobilization. Warrior Beach Retreat fills the above aforementioned

voids by surrounding injured soldiers with patriots who show thanks and welcome us back to

the United States.

They also provide a parade to replace the homecoming parade that we all

missed back in our home towns. However, the parade they provide has news coverage,

patriots, a meal and a wonderful church service like nothing that I have ever taken part in during

my lifetime.

Warrior Beach Retreat provides a Christian atmosphere of healing and respite that fosters

rejuvenation in not only one’s own life, but also in their relationships with their spouses and

families. Furthermore, they help soldiers bond with each other and some of the civilian patriots

who supported the outing that we attended. Many soldiers become introverts after being injured

as we feel generally like we are not a full person.

Crawling out of our shells is hard, but Linda

along with her staff are experts in helping the injured back on their feet, and back to life.

Being a soldier who has participated in one major event with Warrior Beach Retreat, I hold Warrior Beach Retreat in the highest esteem and recommend them for all grants or financial

support that may further such a vital organization.

Respectfully Yours,



First Sergeant Retired

Letter From A Staff Member


To Whom It May Concern,

Linda Cope founded this organization in 2009 after her son was severely wounded in Baghdad in 2007.

WBR is ran by, Linda Cope, her husband Philip, and their son Jonathan. They hold several retreats during the year. There are two retreats that are 7 to 8 days one in the spring and one in the fall, along with several mini retreats throughout the year.  

This is just a bit of background information from us.  Now we would like to share our experience after volunteering with this family and their warriors, wives, and caretakers.

We find Warrior Beach Retreat and their staff to be one of most loving, kind hearted group of people to work with and be around. From the first day you see the couples, staying quiet and keeping to themselves. Then they realize they have all gone through the same type of trauma. The warriors start to talk together and this goes for the wives and caretakers.  They realize they have some of the same problems, marriage, raising a family, dealing with medical problems along with financial.

They soon realize it takes two to make this all work.  We believe they become closer to each other and closer to their faith whatever that maybe.

We know this has saved marriages for we were told.  We know this has brought them closer to God for we were also told. We saw smiles that we may have never seen and we believe this experience may have SAVED LIVES.

We truly believe all of this. Many of us have served and worn the uniform of our country but were never called to pay the price these warriors paid.

This retreat has allowed this group to create a circle of friends who they can call upon and feel free to discuss areas of concern day or night and know they are loved.

We pray and hope you will give this organization your consideration for a donation.

Fred & Marsha Souders


(see letters on back of this page)


Letters From Wounded Warriors Who Attended Our May 2017 Retreat

I can only begin this letter by saying “WOW”.  This retreat has changed my life.  I am an Operation Iraqi Warrior and have been downrange twice, needless to say I came back with some issues such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and TBI.  

I haven’t left my house for long periods of time in over two years.  I have a case manager that was informative enough and cared enough to introduce me to the Warrior Beach Retreat and strongly suggested that I attend. I was very skeptical as I have anxiety issues around people I don’t know, but agreed to attend because of my brothers and sisters that were also military personnel.  I arrived on Monday the 15th of May with my mother who is my caregiver.  

I was blown away the first moment I arrived we were greeted with so much love and welcoming that it warmed my heart and I started to relax.  Philip, Linda and Jonathan Cope are a God send to me!  I was able to pour my heart out to them and to talk about some of the issues that have been haunting me since my return to Iraq.  Linda has so much love and energy and she treated all of us the same, I never felt left out!  The staff were phenomenal and I made a lot of friends with all branches of the military.  

I couldn’t believe the outpouring of support from the Panama City Community!  I had never been that appreciated for my military service since returning from Iraq.  I tell all of my military friends in Atlanta about the wonderful things that I experienced at this OUTSTANDING retreat!  

I strongly believe that retreats of this magnitude will definitely affect Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Naval men and women’s lives.  I can only hope and pray that programs like these stay strong and plentiful because we need them.  I was able to network with others like myself and this made me feel loved and not alone, because isolation is a big part of my PTSD. I am still smiling as I write this letter thinking of all the wonderful things that Philip, Linda and Jonathan Cope did for me and my mom.

 I feel loved.  I feel appreciated.  I feel that God has not forgotten me and it’s all because of Warrior Beach Retreat!  There are no amount of words that can show my appreciation for the Cope family and what they have done and given me, because I know that this was no easy feat, so I just want to shout from the bottom of my heart that WARRIOR BEACH RETREAT ROCKS!!!

SGT Tina Tillman, Army

To all Warrior Beach Retreat Supporters 2017 and the community of Bay County! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the supporters and volunteers of Warriors Beach Retreat (WBR) for all you have done to make the WBR a reality. Without the generous support of the community and the leadership of Linda Cope, this event would not have been possible.

We are so fortunate and blessed to live in the United States of America and have such a caring and compassionate community. Fortunate too that there is a deep understanding of the meaning of freedom and a commitment to recognize the sacrifices made by the warriors from your community. You are like no others in your commitment and may God bless you all.

Chief Warrant Officer Retired, Army

Jose R Rodriguez Fabiani &

Wife Mariana Santos Morales

Warrior Beach Retreat

P.O. BOX 19555 Panama City Beach, Florida 32417 USA

Our mission is to provide our guests with a 7 day stay on the beach and days filled with joy, fun, and memories.
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